What will your legacy be?

We all have a legacy, what will yours be?

You can have a lasting impact on Choices by making a planned gift. Commonly given through a will or trust, a planned gift can be more than a bequest.

Below are some typical ways to leave a legacy for future generations.

  • Make a gift in my will or trust
  • Gift appreciated assets (investments, property)
  • Establish a charitable gift annuity that creates income for you
  • Make Choices a beneficiary of my donor advised fund
  • Make Choices a beneficiary of my life insurance
  • Make a gift through my 401(k) or IRA

To learn more about planned giving or to let us know that you have already designated a gift to Choices in your long-term plans please contact Jennie Landreth, Carol Ann Ferguson, or Kelly Stultz.

Jennie Landreth

Jennie Landreth

Development Director


Direct line: 423-713-7480

Carol Ann Ferguson

Carol Ann Ferguson

Executive Director


Direct line: 423-602-9994

Kelly Stultz

Kelly Stultz

Development Coordinator


Direct line: 423-425-9131