Financial Support

Choices does not accept any federal or state funding. We depend on the generous hearts of the members of our community who want to promote a culture of life in the Greater Chattanooga area. Here are some ways you can participate to help us continue to offer all our life affirming services free of charge.

Missional Giving

Would you consider adding Choices to your church’s missional giving? We would be honored to meet with you and provide the needed information about our free services offered to the Chattanooga community.

Baby Bottle Boomerang

We provide churches with empty baby bottles to disperse among your church community to each take home and fill up with dollars and change. These are then returned to the church and donated to Choices.

Banquet Table Host

Choices Annual Fundraising Banquet is a large part of our annual funding. We depend on table hosts to invite people who might be inclined to want to hear about our ministry and might be interested in getting involved . There is no cost to host a table. Click here for more information. 

Walk for Life

Each year, Choices hosts a Walk for Life where members of the community raise funds within their circle of influence and then come together for an inspirational and symbolic walk together as a community. Click here for more information.

Baby Shower

Churches can either sponsor a baby shower in your own community (have people drop off items to the church) or encourage the church family to participate in Choices annual community-wide baby shower. Click here for more information.