View of the outside of Choices Chattanooga's new building

951 Eastgate Loop Suite 1000
Chattanooga, TN 37411

Above is our new address! We are no longer off McCallie Avenue or Vance Road. Note, the National Memorial for the Unborn will remain at Vance Road.

Questions? Contact Carol Ann Ferguson at 423.892.0803.


Design by Featherlane Design Co., Construction by Tyson & Associates Construction Company, Video by 148 Films

After Abortion Support/Business Office Entrance

This lobby is located in the center of our building between our Medical Services and Family Services Lobby. It’s a private entrance into our business office but, more importantly, it’s a quiet and confidential lobby for those in our after abortion program, allowing them to avoid triggers such as a woman in an unplanned pregnancy or a couple with a newborn as they reach out to find hope and healing from their abortion.

Ultrasound Rooms

Ultrasounds allow patients to be able to see and hear the heartbeat sooner!! Ultrasounds are so critical for a woman or a couple facing an unplanned pregnancy; the information an ultrasound provides plays an important role in their decision.

Patient Rooms – Options Counseling Rooms

This is where women first walking into our doors go to discuss their unplanned pregnancy and their options during their pregnancy test visit. Men also come here to discuss their options.

Client Rooms – Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Mentor Rooms

Through our EWYL program, moms and dads are mentored in a one-on-one setting. They watch lessons on a wide range of parenting topics and meet with a volunteer or staff member to talk about their pregnancy or newborn and how they are doing. Our moms and dads build strong relationships with our team as we walk alongside them through this new journey as parents.

Family Services Lobby

This lobby is for all of our moms and dads who say yes to life and join our parenting program to learn how to be the best parent they can be for their little one!

Baby Boutique

One of our favorite spaces – the Baby Boutique! This special place is full of baby items for our new moms and dads, all of which are donated to Choices. Moms and Dads in our EWYL Parenting Program earn points by attending parenting classes, bringing their significant other with them, attending church, etc. and use those points to shop. We love showing our Boutique to women and couples who share they are considering an abortion due to financial concerns with the cost of a baby.


For the first time ever, we have a classroom for our moms and dads in our parenting program to participate in group classes as well as our current one-on-one style. We already have individuals and organizations interested in partnering with us to offer a variety of classes to our new parents – finances, baby safety, job-related, etc. And we look forward to our moms and dads building relationships with one another through this expanded program.

Medical Services Lobby

This lobby gives a woman or couple their first impression of us and is where they wait until being called back for pregnancy testing and to talk about their options.

Volunteer Room

We now have a separate space for volunteers to gather while working on their various roles. They are thrilled to have a separate, confidential space away from the reception area to answer phone calls, chart, follow up with their clients, etc.

Prayer Room

The most important thing as we battle on the frontlines: prayer. For years, Choices has always ensured that there is some space for staff and volunteers to escape to and pray.

This building was made possible by generous donations from our community. Because of their support, we are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies.

A very special thanks and acknowledgement to Choices board, staff, and volunteers for their vision, talents, and dedication to this building.

  • Karleen Howe
  • Maclellan Foundation
  • Chris and Grace Ann Arvey
  • Knights of Columbus
  • For God’s Glory
  • Lucas and Kelly Monroe
  • Mike and Temple Brookshire
  • Trey and Anne Carr
  • Tyler and Maddy Haar
  • Tammy and Jim Barber in honor of Cristina Barber
  • Jonathan and Laura Vanderhart
  • Peavine Baptist Church
  • Heath and April Kyle
  • Sharon Duble
  • Jerry and Susan Sims
  • Lynn and Dianne Wallace
  • Wanda and Steve Jett
  • The Hartgrove Family
  • The Hinchman Family
  • Eric and Teresa Whitton
  • Abundant Blessings from God
  • Bruce and Regina Zeiser
  • The Minnick Family
  • Jason and Catherine Coffey
  • John and Glenda Henegar
  • Seton and Mary Tomyn
  • The Miller Family
  • Benjamin and Cara Palmer
  • The Steele-Hanzelik Family
  • Phil Crowe
  • Larry and Barbara Mullinax
  • Leila and Sam Clemons
  • Michael and Stacy Jackson
  • Steve and Lori Bower
  • Brent and Vicki Baughman
  • Richard and Donna Spencer
  • Bruce and Vicki Daugherty
  • Randall Taylor
  • Ben and Ashley Baldwin
  • David and Lynda Deal
  • Dan and Kristin Wykoff
  • Michael and Kassandra Stitt
  • Larry and Jane Martin
  • Renee and Randy Timmerman
  • Larry and Valerie Royer
  • Susan Hixson
  • William and Angela Washington
  • Michael and Gwendolyn Cribbs
  • Ben and Delores Dady
  • Tammy Robinson
  • Marcie Osborne
  • Emily Cochran
  • John and Jane Killian
  • Betty Kyriakidis
  • Karol Whitaker
  • Duane and Patricia Olcsvary
  • Jeff Sandhoff
  • Frank and Beth Delaney
  • Cathy Hunt
  • Jeffrey and Melvina Hanevich
  • Lucy Wykoff
  • Amy Madison
  • Hannah Hinchman
  • Neal and Helen Harris
  • Laura Green
  • Katie Pfeiffer
  • Paul and Becky Lockwood
  • Kenneth and Brenda Wingo
  • Stephen and Vickie Mitchell
  • G. Alvin and Barbara Duncan
  • Steven Maldoff
  • Stappenbeck Family
  • Deanna Heck
  • Anthony and Natalie Neading
  • Carol Pfeiffer
  • Vicki Blevins
  • Mark and Arden Oglesby
  • Lindsay Bowers
  • Mark and Mary Yates
  • David and Amy Gilbert
  • Robert Coots
  • Greg and Becky Baggett
  • John and Kristine Bridger
  • Herman and Barbara Posey
  • Kim Grewe
  • David and Sheila Beckmann
  • Billy and Camellia Glosson
  • George and Glenna Jackson
  • Audrey Voskuil
  • Robert and Sally Tamasy
  • Mary Sullivan
  • Carolyn and Ken Wilson
  • John and Susan Roberson
  • David and Sandra Horsman
  • Paul and Abbie Smallman
  • Robert and Teresa Stamps
  • Robert Borger
  • Katrina Gallagher
  • Gayle Cleghorn
  • Joy Jackson
  • Roger and Tracy Erickson
  • Ruth Ross
  • Annie Ruth McGuire
  • James and Cindy Montgomery